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Hi! This is me, Andy, with my two beautiful children. These two little kiddies are my reason for everything!.....

I also play wifey to my awesome husband, George. I am excited to say that have moved to the Sunshine Coast and I can not wait to start our new chapter in this absolutely stunning part of the world.


I am a very arty person by nature. I love colour, light and magical things in general. I love photographing children and maybe its because I have children of my own or maybe I am still a kid at heart but I feel that children give me reason, they give me a better understanding of who I am and they challenge me to be a better person! Children are full of wonder that just simply amazes me!


In my photography I love to capture the simplicity of a moment. I love to tell stories through my art and capture the little details that you would normally forget. Bring to life a concept or a theme is really fun too. Children are very visual little beings and seeing themselves in a fairytale will totally rock their world! I am a very grateful and humble type of person. I'm always trying to be better and I will never stop growing and learning.

Please feel free to ask me anything at all! I would love to hear from you and hopefully get to create little treasures of memories for you and your family too.


Xx Andy

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